* This to us is pure gold *

Being born with a sweet tooth is not a sin… but not enjoying the right kind of sweets when you can lay your hands on them, most certainly is

Swami Madhurimananda :D :D :D

Marmalades and preserves have always been my weakness, not the usual run-of-the-mill jams which lack any sort of texture or natural flavours. So when my dear friend, and co-sweet toothie (is that even a word?!) Sapna Koshy called me and said that her new line of jams were up for taste-testing, I was excited. So as soon as I received the package, I dug in.

The orange marmalade was simply superb. It was like tasting sunshine, bursting, with freshness every time you bite into one of those orange bits.

Next in line was the Banana Rum jam - now one thing I have noticed when people try making jams or preserves out of banana, it ends up tasting like “panchamritham”. But this one was proper Banana Jam.

Now, the last one was a surprise package – a yummilious Pineapple-ginger preserve, a brilliant combination of Sweet & Spice with pineapple and ginger playing tug of war with your taste buds.

Sapna, we will be back for more <3 … Keep ‘em coming!”

Delicious jams that melts with the butter.. my favourite is orange marmalade and pineapple ginger... I mix these jams for tangy cocktails too... The peanut butter is creamy and healthy ... One big dollop of the creamy peanut butter a day to kick-start my fitness ... Their tomato ketchup which is fresh and preservatives free is always an accompaniment for almost all the snacks and breakfast at my house...

Best wishes!

We bought strawberry blush & banana rum Jams during onfleak at Kochi, Tasted great. On the way back kids was telling they wanted Apple cinnamon also. It is in fact very much home made. Will order once we are done with this. Congrats Sapna.

Had the opportunity to taste Sugar & Spice delights at Olam festival in Trivandrum. The strawberry jam is reminding me of the one made by my grandmother, sweet and flavourful, my daughter loves it. The chocolate spread was never on my favourite list of sweats, I always felt that bread goes well only with jam as sweets. That till I tasted theirs. Amazing, creamy, with intense taste of dark chocolate, is everything a chocolate lover will ask for. Last, but not on my preferences, the pineapple chilli sauce, a perfect companion for chicken or vegetables if used as a sauce, or even as a dressing for a salad. The most important characteristic of all these products I mentioned above? The fact that they are 100%made of natural ingredients, without any added preservatives.

Do try! We have other of their delights on my trial list

The varieties of jam spreads & sauce by Sugar & Spice are delightful for a satisfying quick-bite. I just love the swirl of my favourite choices - pineapple chilli flavour and the refreshing lingering perfect blend of Coffee Caramel. Kudos to you dear Sapna! we are loving it !

Sugar & Spice jams and spreads are just the perfect kind of goodness I crave. It celebrates the goodness and preserves the taste of those luscious fruits. Everything that goes into those shiny bottles I definitely know are the best natural ingredients.

The classic Strawberry blush & mango jalapeño, chocolate spread & Crunchy peanut butter tasted just like the real deal. These jams and spreads provided the perfect balance of sweetness to acidity and had a great mouth feel and aftertaste.

It always hits my sweet spot every time!

I even keep the jars and re-use them for my own food storage and even as decorations!

The people behind clearly knows the science and magic of jam & spread making. Thanks for making such wholesome, tasty and quality products!

Sugar & Spice’s beautifully packed jar bottles contain a hearty burst of flavors with a tender touch of love in every spoon.

The orange marmalade especially is a real relish to the palates. The feel of orange zest is so predominant in the marmalade and that surely is a highlight. The combination of sweetness of the mix with a tinge of sourness from the fruit certainly stands out as a winner within my household. We are surely coming back for more of these delicious fruit preserves.

As a family we have been huge fans of Sugar & Spice right from the beginning. Made with fresh natural ingredients, zero preservatives and a whole lot of love, each product is delicious. Our family favourites are the crunchy peanut butter, salted caramel sauce, strawberry blush, chocolate sauce and the mango jalapeño jam. I can safely say that after sampling the yummy goodies Of Sugar & Spice, I have not tasted anything better so far.

Exceptional jam. The texture , the chunkiness of the fruit, the richness of the flavour without being too sweet taste amazing

Ever wondered what paradise in cute glass bottles would look and taste like? Sapna's finger licking jams and spreads is the way to go for that perfect bliss. I've had the chance to try a good range of her perfectly packaged products and there are no words to describe how delicious her secret recipes are. It leaves you with zero guilt since its all made from organic and the choicest of ingredients. Special mention is necessary for her addictive peanut butter spread and chocolate spread. Absolutely in love with all her jams as well, it would be rude to pick favourites on her signature jams! Thanks, Sapna and Sugar & Spice for having me hooked to your delicious treats for so many years!

Recently tried 4 flavours of jam namely Banana rum, Orange Cinnamon, strawberry and pineapple ginger. All flavours were good but I loved pineapple ginger the most and the impressive feature for me is it is  #Homemade Totally loved it and recommend it to all..

Delicious jams. Better taste with every new flavor. Hope your secret ingredient is kept very safe.

Update : To add spice to your life, have the pineapple chilli jam

Quality is Excellent. Orange Cinnamon is my favourite. I strongly recommend Sugar & Spice. Go4it.

Fantastic taste & quality, all the varieties are nice, a special mention about their banana & rum flavour which is very different. 5 on 5 for it.

Try Sugar & Spice for premium quality homemade jams, spreads and sauces. Absolutely loved their products. Homemade goodness in jars. Since they not using any artificial ingredients, the product has less shelf life. But you can keep it refrigerated. Highly recommended!

Just bought Pineapple Ginger and banana rum Jam from Sugar & Spice. It is really good and Lip-smacking !

A Home made jam with 100% Natural Ingredients (Real fruits) and 0% Preservatives.

Thanks you Sapna Akka.

A completely unique recipe of jams. I loved them more like a kid. Way to go. Waiting for a lot from you

The flavours are awesome, especially mango jalapeno and pineapple ginger. must try!

I must tell you this, I was never a fan of Peanut butter… but your crunchy peanut butter preparation and the taste however has totally changed my perception towards it. I might still not prefer store bought ones but I know for sure that I will like yours if it is made by You.

Also, the Strawberry jam is absolutely fantastic. My daughter is a big fan of Sugar & Spice and will never go back to regular ones from the store ever again… So thank you for that.

Fantastic jams from Sugar & Spice (Sapna and Annie) . I tried the Banana rum and Pineapple ginger..yummy and awesome..just got my Java plum and mango jalapeno...will be tasting them soon..thnx both of you for such yummmy jams..!!

Always, Always I love your delicious homemade no-preservative Jams. Yummy and healthy. Too good and tastes really like my Grandma's version. I recommend your Berry jams to all. Delicious. Wish you success and Good luck for your proven venture in a New title..

Many times with years of experience in multifield and businesses, you proved yourself as a Successful Entrepreneur. All the very best for your new page with good quality homemade signature products.

Good luck Sapna Koshy

Usually I don't like strawberry flavour. But your strawberry jam made me enjoy its flavour, for the first time and it was really tasty and healthy.

I could now relate why Tom Sawyer was such a fan of jams that every time he would give Aunt Polly a run by stealing them. Here are some homemade jams from sugar n spice that stole my heart. Thank you Sapna Koshy, for these lovely bunch of assorted jams for tasting! I have had each one of them and couldn't drop my spoons at just one serve........ If I could write the tastes, this is how all of it will look like......... The thought of rum in banana rum definitely got me high, it spreads like smashed banana but it tastes like the vanity rum.

The strawberries, you feel it, even the crunches of the spots.

High note of Pineapple with a tiny tint of ginger leaves you lit.

Peanut butter is assuringly all about peanut n thick butter.

Tangy orange cinnamon, which I was not excited about, surprised me tasting and looking like soulful oranges.

Mango jalapeno just preached all spaces of my heart, it's tickling, a spicy and tasty lingering Jamie, something to go crazy about!

Pineapple chilly made the brand name mean just apt enough to recall it every time I fetch a toast.

Apple cinnamon just sounded to be another ordinary flavor but it tasted more like some fancy flavor.

Thoughtful innovative combinations, unlike the mainstream jams, they are unruly and non rigid, which are just the right points of safe foods..


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